In order to be eligible for hive installation services, you must have one of the following:  Signed contract for monthly hive maintenance with Little Rhody Beekeeping, proof of graduation from bee school or an experienced mentor. 

New Hive Installation Includes:

Apiary site evaluation

Little Rhody Beekeeping will evaluate your property to find the optimal spot for a hive. If an optimal spot is not available on the property, LRB will charge a visit fee only.

Hive recommendations

LRB will recommend the best hive for your property and your budget. LRB currently recommends and runs 8 and 10 frame Langstroth and Modified Warre’ hives.

Purchase hive components and bees from vendors we know and trust.

LRB will order and pick up your hive and assemble as necessary (additional charges may apply for specific colors and painting). LRB will order packages of bees, splits or nucleus colonies based on availability. All woodenware and bees are at cost.

Hive set up and installation of bees

LRB will set up beehive and install your new colony of bees.

  • Follow up visit(s) to ensure acceptance and health of queen.

LRB will make 1-2 follow up visits to ensure queen is accepted and to evaluate overall health your new hive.


Fee does not include cost of Bees, hives and components of hives, prices may vary

$200 hive set up for each additional hive on same property

$100 off your first month of the monthly maintenance fee with a new hive set up

Please call for our corporate rates