Keep bees without having to worry about the care and expertise needed to maintain a hive. Monthly service includes:

Monthly hive visits

2-5 per month depending on season

Health screenings

Includes mite monitoring,  treatment as needed, screening for other pathogens and further testing if needed.

Swarm management

swarming is a colonies way of reproducing. We can sometimes catch a swarm by monitoring and then making an artificial swarm or splitting the hive


Done regularly on a bi-annual or as needed basis for continued health and docility. Queens purchased from local vendors we know and trust.

Hive component evaluation/seasonal preparation

Includes evaluation and replacement recommendations, purchase of replacement parts (additional costs may apply), at cost, from local suppliers), storm strapping, pre-winter appraisal, wrapping, insulation and supplemental feeding as needed

Wax harvesting 

Wax cappings harvested and cleaned, two candles or two wax bars

Honey harvest and bottling

 Honey harvested by use of escape board/fume board, extracted and bottled      (additional costs may apply) in choice of 3 bottle styles. Honey supers cleaned by your bees and stored for winter. Does not include cost of bottles (choice of 3 varieties, at cost).  Limit of 15 pounds of honey bottled. $5 bottling fee per bottle will be incurred for additional bottling. Bottle labels not included



$115 per month/$1380 per year

(an annual savings of over $3000)

**additional fees will apply as needed for cost of queen, supplemental sugar feeding and bottles. All additional items are provided at cost. **

Please call for our corporate rates