A La Carte Services

House Calls for Managed Hives

$110 first hour/$33 each additional ½ hour 

please call for our corporate pricing

Hive Check-up and recommendations. Additional costs will apply for manipulations beyond standard inspections

Additional fees for House calls can include:

Mite check and Treatment

  • LRB will check your hive for mites by taking a sample of 300 bees in an alcohol wash
  • LRB will determine the infestation level in your hive.
  • LRB will provide mite treatment for your hive from a choice of organic treatments that is appropriate for the time of year.

$35 in addition to hourly rate

Additional costs will apply for follow up visits. Hive owner will be responsible for follow up testing to ensure treatment was successful in absence of follow up from LRB. LRB does not guarantee that additional treatments will not be necessary.


  • LRB will evaluate the nutritional needs of the colony
  • provide recommendations if the hive shows signs of malnutrition.
  • LRB will assist in providing emergency feed via feed or instructions in the making of emergency feed.

$35 in addition to hourly rate

Additional costs will apply for any emergency feed or supplements that LRB supplies.

Swarm Catch or Splits

Swarming is a colonies way of reproducing. We can sometimes catch a swarm by making an artificial swarm or splitting a hive

  • if the hive is showing signs of swarming, LRB can make manipulations to prevent the hive from swarming. These can include but may not be limited to; cutting queen cells, removing/caging the old queen, splitting the hive to make a nucleus hive (artificial swarm), providing empty comb to the hive (provided by hive owner)
  • LRB will catch a swarm from your hive if it has settled in a reachable location on your property and place in a nuc if this occurs during a scheduled visit.

$75 in addition to hourly rate fee does not include cost of additional equipment that LRB may need to supply. LRB cannot guarantee that the hive will not swarm after measures have been taken.

**This fee/service applies only when signs of swarming are recognized during a scheduled visit and does NOT apply to a RIBA swarm call **

 Vacation Services

  • Little Rhody Beekeeping will be on call during your vacation for hive emergencies,
  • ell-being checks to ensure hive is intact and unmolested.
  • Mite monitoring, inspections as requested to check your hive for signs of swarming (during swarm season, as appropriate)
  • Little Rhody Beekeeping will send email updates after each visit.

$110 first hour / $33 each additional ½ hour- Per visit

Number of visits needed will be determined before vacation and scheduled. Additional costs may be incurred for emergency visits due to storm prep, swarm catch, aggressive hives or hive damage/tipping.


  • Little Rhody beekeeping will inspect to ensure a new queen is needed.
  • LRB will order and purchase queen from local suppliers we know and trust
  • We will deliver and install queen
  • LRB will make 1-2 additional house calls to ensure queen has been accepted and is laying.

$250 Fee does not include cost of the queen

Due to the many factors that could inhibit queen acceptance, LRB does not guarantee the acceptance of introduced queen

Hive Cut Out and Rescue

  • Little Rhody Beekeeping will provide bee removal from structures.

Call for pricing

Honey Harvest and Bottling

  • Little Rhody Beekeeping will harvest honey from your hive by removing bees from super using bee escape or fume board.
  • LRB will take your honey boxes to be extracted and bottled.
  • Bottled honey will be returned to you and empty boxes will be returned to your hive to be cleaned by your bees.
  • Information will be provided for best storage of empty hive boxes.

  $450 per hive

Does not include cost of bottles (choice of 3 varieties, at cost).  Limit of 15 pounds of honey bottled. $5 bottling fee per bottle will be incurred for additional bottling.  Limit of 2 hives/ 2 supers per hive per customer.  Bottle labels not included

7 Step Health Screening

Little Rhody Beekeeping will evaluate the health of your hive. Visit Includes evaluation booklet with recommendations and summary of visit

  1. Check for mites and disease-

LRB will conduct a mite check using an alcohol wash and evaluate the brood nest for signs of disease and other pests.

  1. Queen status

LRB will check for a healthy laying queen and evaluate brood pattern

  1. Swarming status

LRB will check for signs that the hive is swarming and provide prevention recommendations as what to do if the hive does swarm

4. Honey production and nutritional status

LRB will assess honey stores, pollen stores, evaluate the brood nest for signs of malnutrition and being honey bound. Will provide recommendations on supplemental feeding if needed.

5. Location evaluation

LRB will assess the location of your apiary, look for signs of robbing of your hive from other bees or wasps and what’s in bloom at the time of the evaluation.

  1. Hive Demeanor Evaluation

LRB will determine if your hive is showing signs of increased defensiveness and provide recommendations

  1. Condition of hive components evaluation

LRB will evaluate the condition of equipment and proper use. Will provide recommendations for optimal use of equipment and identify pieces that may need replacement.

$175 costs of treatments or emergency feed not included