Come for the bees but stay for the laughs.

Bees encompass everything the world loves about insects… They’re fuzzy, striped and helpful. They are associated with flowers. They fly about and buzz charmingly.

A perfect “gateway” insect.

Bees encompass what the world hates about insects. A maddening buzz, big eyes and multiple legs, they begin life as tiny worms. They can be unpredictable.

They sting.

Like us, Bees are protective of home and family, that maddening buzz tells you that you are disturbing them.

Their big eyes and numerous intricate legs are of an amazing, intricate design.

Young bees are worms for only a short period of time. These tiny worms don’t crawl, but lay like little half-moons in their hexagonal cells of beeswax.

They are predictable if you know how to handle them (In the way a cat is predictable. You plan for the worst and get pleasantly surprised. For the most part…).

The stings?

Well you just have to accept those knowing that it’s usually a last resort, they will die as a result, and it was most likely your fault in the first place.

Bees are a gateway into the cycles of nature.

Cross that threshold and you not only notice the bees, you start to notice the plants they love, the weather that is best for them and their flowers. You may even start to notice and appreciate the birds and other insects that are never far away.

Bees are also one of the foundations of a healthy environment. Bees and their brethren provide pollination, as well as food, to many species, including us.

Bees, their relatives, pollinators and all other insects are in trouble. The overall insect population has steadily declined in recent years. Whether it’s establishing a pollinator garden, educating children or becoming a responsible steward to honey bees or any one of their relatives, every little bit counts. There is no end to the wealth that the bees can bring you. It’s time to start giving back.

The bees have brought me here, and they brought you as well. Welcome!

My name is Cynthia Holt and I hope you enjoy my site. If you are in the Rhode Island, bordering Massachusetts and Connecticut areas and are in need of beekeeping services, give me a call or send me an email. Otherwise, check out my store and blog for updates and good stuff. Come for the bees but stay for the laughs.

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